Current Lab Schedule

Lab Rules

Please respect the following rules:

  1. You should reserve the lab before using it
  2. No food and drink in the lab – except closed water bottles
  3. Get familiar with the lab’s hardware/software before using it. In particular, you need to be trained in using eye-tracker
  4. Please do not remove any lab handouts nor any equipment from the lab
  5. On the first login to the lab computer, change the display scaling from 150% to 100% and keep it this way for your account. 
  6. If you change any other settings on the lab computers, you need to change them back to their original state after you are done. This applies in particular to the display settings
  7. You are not allowed to install any software on the lab computers. Ask staff if you need additional software
  8. For student course-projects, naming of studies in iMotions needs to follow specific format: 
    <course number>.<semester>.<student group number>
    For example: 385K.sp19.g1  Denotes study conducted as a part of INF385K in spring 2019 by group 1. Please use exactly the length of your study name as in this example.
  9. After you complete your data collection, you should take your data with you. We do not guarantee that the data is going to be kept on the lab computers. The lab computer has a second hard drive which may be used to store data only during a semester. Please be familiar with rules of data storage and sharing on this drive.  
  10. When you are done, log out, turn the monitor(s) off, turn the eye-tracker off (if applicable), but do not shut down the main computer in the testing room.

Reservation Requests

To reserve the IX Lab for your projects, first read the rules of the IX Lab above. Second, check the public calendar of the lab above for its availability. Then fill out this Google Form to make a reservation request. First-come, first-served.

Email Dr. Jacek Gwizdka for any queries.